Friendly “teammates” have always been part of the grocery shopping experience at Schnucks. But now they’re leaning in even more to help customers get acquainted with the freshly-launched Schnucks Rewards app, a loyalty program where everything in the store is worth points.

The best part – our supporting cast was made up of actual teammates who hailed from stores all around the region. And they turned out to be even more charming than we could have asked for.

This customer can hardly fathom the idea of earning points for everything he buys at Schnucks, so he tours the entire store just to make sure.

Amanda, the baker, tempts our customer with a way to get more glazed tiger tails.

In his quest to build up points, our customer is ready to buy anything, whether he needs it or not.

Anthony, the butcher, patiently confirms that indeed, every bit of meat in the case is worth points.