From the very beginning, the mission of the AT&T Business Instagram channel was to step away from the world of products and services and show the more human side of the brand.

A campaign celebrating the uniqueness of small business – what makes them tick, what makes them successful, what challenges they’ve faced – was a high-spirited way to pay tribute to one of AT&T’s favorite audiences, while earning lots of comments and new followers in the process. Originally created for Small Business Week in May of 2019, the campaign has become an ongoing centerpiece for the channel, featuring a new business every week.


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Robert Workman founded Barebones to support open-fire cooking, nature-centered dining, and transformative communal experiences. The business uses its success to fund humanitarian work, and that altruistic foundation is what makes it worthwhile for Robert.

“While the basics in running the business are fundamental, the ‘Why’ you are doing it is more important. The ‘Why’ is what keeps you going when things are not easy.”

Joy Macaron

Liz has been a long-time fan of the macaron and continues to perfect her vibrant cookies even three Joy Macarons stores later. Better yet? She’s self-taught in all things cookie and business.

“I had never worked in a kitchen before, never even served food to people before! I had to learn everything from scratch. But I think not knowing has been good – ignorance is bliss sometimes when you’re getting into this. Every day something unexpected happens and you learn from it, and it’s interesting.”

Odin Leather

Odin Clack somewhat accidentally created his business when he made a leather laptop sleeve for fun. From there he developed his leather-working skills and grew his business into an upgraded workspace with plans to open a storefront. He also knows how to bring it all back down to Earth when things get hectic.

“What happens is oftentimes we’re having bad days and getting frustrated, we keep banging our head against that same wall, over and over again. … What we really need to do is step back, take a deep breath, take a walk, change the scenery, have a change of projects – whatever it is – and reset.”

Tonic Site Shop

Tonic Site Shop and its co-owner Jen Olmstead offer customizable website design for modern, stylish and creatively minded people. Her advice for other SBOs takes inspiration from her partnership with co-owner Jeff Shipley.

“Recognize the power of collaboration. Because I have another person in my corner who has different skills than I do, we’ve been able to join those skills and make use of each other’s gifts.”

Chair Whimsy

Wendy Conklin is a self-proclaimed dabbler in upholstery, selling her upcycled chair creations to the masses. She’s now a full-time, full-fledged chair stylist, and even created her own line of custom, antique-inspired chairs.

“No one can get in my head and see what I see. Just like I can’t get in their head and see what they see, or how they’re going to do something. Everyone has a different kind of take on something. So, I just do my best.”