Rule the Day

A brand on the move with 1,300 stores and rapid expansion plans, Smoothie King has spent 5 years to purge its menu and ingredients of artificial additives, GMOs, trans-fats, gluten and un-needed sugars.

And yet so many consumers still perceive Smoothie King as a sugary milkshake in disguise. Not the nutrient-rich, fruit/veggie-packed fuel that it is. All backed by a company and franchise base on a mission, with aspirations of becoming an integral part of every health and fitness journey.

Smoothie King

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Rule the Day


To educate, inspire and convert new guests, the entire site experience was reimagined to better help guests understand menu categories and pair them with the right smoothies based on their nutrition goals and preferred flavor profiles.

Rule the Day, with Drew Brees

A 12-month content series featuring the future Hall-of-Famer's perspectives on motivation, nutrition and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.