The unsullied dream of pet parenthood

Without fail, pets will be pets. So, to clean up after them, pet parents need a solution that works, without fail. To put our miraculous formula to the test, we developed an entire campaign rolled and upholstered in pristine, bright white carpet and fabric. Aspirational, bordering on unattainable, we set out to convert our skeptics with interiors most dog and cat owners never thought possible.

Nature's Miracle

Digital Advertising / Print / Social Media

Pee in the Park

Instead of the tired in-store demo, we took our product to the dogs — more specifically, to the dog park. Then we rolled out the white carpet before inviting in one and all to do what dogs do. And when they did, Nature’s Miracle was there to clean it up as if the ugliness never happened. A product demonstration unlike any other that made believers out of humans and canines alike.

The Miracle Meets the Nose

And for the cat lovers, we enlisted the rare talents of a NASA-certified super sniffer.

Social Media

In the social space, we paired pristine home interiors with not-so-pristine truths about owning pets.


In popular home & garden magazines, we paired showroom-quality, white worlds with all-too-colorful headlines that pet parents understood all too well.