In the fight for fresh, it was time to name the rightful owner.

Schnucks is a regional, family-owned grocery chain known for its high standard of quality, friendliness and partnerships with the area’s premier farmers. So when customer preference shifted away from the center of the store and toward the fresh perimeter, Schnucks knew it could deliver better than its competitors.

To help them communicate this, we embarked on a research mission across departments, team members and the supply chain to uncover “a million little wows” that would help illustrate the brand’s commitment to fresh – not only in regard to the food itself, but in its practices, its belief system and its attitude.


TV / Point-of-Sale / Radio / Digital Video / Social Media / Out-of-Home


We joined forces with the Schnucks in-house creative team to deliver a rewarding parking lot-to-checkout guest experience that relayed (in priority order) a fresh fact, a fresh practice or a fresh attitude.


The campaign creative easily extended into social channels and opened the door to more messaging for the brand’s many followers.

Landing Page

Online we continued the fresh story with little-known details that fresh-seeking shoppers might be interested in.

And it's going to get even fresher.

With the Schnucks story now boldly taking its rightful place in the market, the campaign has energized and united the organization. Holding every team member and partner to a standard that stretches from the produce fields and fishing boats to the checkout lanes and the customer’s refrigerator.