Freedom Through Their Eyes

For K9 Veterans Day, a holiday still in its infancy, DreamBone® made it their mission to finally give these brave dogs the respect and honor they deserve.

To raise awareness, we decided to show freedom as dogs have always seen it. Because dogs only see in shades of blue and yellow. Thus, changing our familiar red, white and blue flag to yellow, white and blue – creating the K9 Veterans Flag.


Digital Video / Social Media / Out-of-Home

Old Glory, reimagined

To create this new symbol, we commissioned hand-sewn commemorative flags and made some news along the way.

Flying the Flag

With a special ceremony, a commemorative K9 Veterans Flag was raised at the National World War I Museum and Memorial to honor the service and sacrifice of our K9 heroes.

A Social Symbol

For one proud day, we invited everyone to fly the K9 Veterans Flag with a custom Facebook profile frame. Resulting in an outpour of support, and reaching over 147.7 million people in just a few days.