Small business owners do it all

They simultaneously stick to a plan and adapt to the ever-changing demands of their customers, market trends, and oh by the way, your first employee just took a job elsewhere.

In short, the adversity and opportunities faced by small business owners are vastly different and oftentimes more personal than those of larger businesses.


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Agility is trusting your intuition. Agility is owning and operating in the moment. Agility is empowering. It’s active. Agility is optimizing your tech operations. And your morning routine.

Above all, agility is a mindset—a way of approaching business, introduced by the thought leaders at Business Circle.

The Pursuit of Agility

Alongside Chris Gardner, author of The Pursuit of Happyness, we invited small business owners to share what #AGILITYIS to them and how it helps them every day.


During this campaign, we experienced several firsts. Our first canvas ad, first Facebook Live event, first simultaneous edit and shoot. But we started the whole thing off by asking ourselves if we could get away with a hashtag that was also the tagline that happened to lead our work. What if we didn’t sell a product but sold an idea? And what if we let the audience help us define that idea based on their experience?

$50,000 Winner

Heritage Hollow Farms was the Grand Prize Winner of the inaugural AT&T Agility Challenge. They taught us that farming could have a social following.

$20,000 Winner

GoodBoy Clothing won the Judges’ Choice Award for their agility in the face of adversity, as they help to reweave the community of Flint, MI.

$10,000 Winner

For Tashi Handmade Naturals, agility is reaching halfway around the world to provide homemade soaps to troops overseas.


Just ask Mike and Molly Peterson of Heritage Hollow Farms. By applying new marketing techniques to a time-honored profession, they showed us all what #AGILITYIS. And won the Agility Challenge $50,000 Grand Prize.

A lasting tribute

Each of the winners was awarded a set of customized letter blocks representing Happyness Daycare, where Chris Gardner took his young son while struggling with homelessness.

AGILITY, moving forward

The campaign garnered more than 1000 entries from across the U.S. And yielded a cash prize for the five businesses that best demonstrated their agility. Today, bolstered by this extra capital, these businesses are showing us not only what #AGILITYIS. But what it can become.