From Field to Bottle

With El Mayor tequila, there’s a real family legacy, an arduous process and countless hands that care for it along the way. With A Handmade Legacy, we celebrate El Mayor’s uncompromising process and history to reintroduce tequila to consumers in the states, but as a more revered spirit to be sipped and savored, not shot.

El Mayor Tequila

Social Media / Digital Video / Print


From field to bottle, this video celebrates the El Mayor process along with the tireless, passionate people who make their impression with each step.


Using portrait-style photography, we captured real workers in the midst of their craft along with every step of the process.

Social Media

Facebook posts highlight specific steps of the process, animated recipe suggestions and the people who make it all possible. Giving consumers intimate knowledge of what every drop of El Mayor endures to meet their glass, and what to do with it once it’s there.

Growth doesn’t stop with agave.

Making 1.7 million impressions and with over a 3.8% engagement rate, this campaign proved that consumers appreciate knowing more about their tequila. We also saw El Mayor’s Facebook page grow from less than 100 likes to well over 25,000.

Now in its second year, the campaign continues to receive praise from key distributors and retailers as it extends into point-of-purchase materials.