As the grocery store’s app celebrates its first foray into the holidays, shoppers are gearing up to earn points on just about everything – and cash in on their rewards, too.

Greg and Sarah are obsessed with Schnucks Rewards, and they’re using the program to take their holiday hosting to the next level. Unlike previous campaigns, we move out of the store and into the home of our quirky couple to see how they’re planning to be the hosts with the most – rewards, that is.

Schnucks Full Table 15 from Rodgers Townsend on Vimeo.

Greg and Sarah have set the table in preparation for a holiday dinner get-together. But the table is only so big, and the dishes, well…

Schnucks Roasting Chestnuts 15 from Rodgers Townsend on Vimeo.

Greg cashes in rewards so he and Sarah can holiday a little harder by roasting chestnuts. Except, they aren’t exactly sure how to do it.

Stay tuned as we get deeper into the holiday season for more.