Rodgers Townsend Dogs at work

Meet the RT Dog Pack

It’s Pets at Work Week. Did you know that only 10% of employers allow pets at work? Once a year, this #PetsAtWork movement hopes to bring cuteness and cuddles to cube dwellers everywhere. We’re behind it 100%.

Every day is Bring Your Dog to Work Day at Rodgers Townsend. We have an informal pack that’s as diverse and interesting as the people who work here – big dogs, little dogs, old dogs, young dogs, quiet dogs, crazy dogs, pure breds, rescue dogs, obedient dogs and dogs that consider themselves free spirits.

We’ve noticed some interesting outcomes since the pack took over and made itself a cultural force within our walls and out in the downtown St. Louis green spaces:

– Delighted Clients. Some of our clients request puppy play time when they visit. Usually we keep dogs away from the fancy, formal conference room, ceremonially named “5D.” It’s hilarious to watch our guests flee the gilded cage of 5D to roll around on the floor in the lobby with a dog.  Important note: All dog hours are non-billable because cuddles are free.

Laura and Alex Samoyeds

– Strategic Insights. We tried the FURminator product on Ollie and Riggins. If a de-Shedding tool works on Samoyeds, then it’s a great product. It works miracles. But the fluffs of fur everywhere were the beginnings of a strategy and campaign idea. We credit their thick, white coats for the insight that lead to the Shedlings campaign for FURminator.

– Happy Employees. Advertising is stressful. The deadlines are crazy. Sometimes, you just need a dog to help you put it all in perspective. Cheryl, our miracle worker head of production, is less stressed out when there’s a dog about. Internally we call the phenomenon#DogsOnCheryl

– Casting Dog Talent. Otis was featured in this adorable, I mean highly effective, Cyber Security Awareness Month post for AT&T as part of the #GuardPets campaign. He is not just a model. He’s a certified service dog with the official jacket and special skills.

Otis the Guard Pet

– Attracting Top Talent. Several of our recent hires cited the dog friendly work environment as a reason to work at RT. The new hotshot developer said something like, “I can bring my dog! This is awesome.” The new account guy actually said, “As a single guy, that flexibility in a workplace allows me to both work longer hours when needed as well as be more social outside of work. If I can bring Dash, I don’t have to feel guilty working late to get things done or going out without him after I’m off the clock. I’ve been fortunate to only ever work at pet-friendly places, and I hope to keep it that way.”

– Giving Back. Last week our dog policy enabled us to give back to the community and help Stray Rescue by fostering a dog during a power outage in a heat wave. You can learn more about Ken and spread the word about finding him a forever home on our Facebook page.

If you check out the #PetsAtWork hashtag or watch the news on Friday you’ll see stories about how pets increase morale, boost productivity, appeal to Millennials and boost your employer brand. That’s all terrific. But we do it because we just love dogs.