For Whom Do We Work?

For seven consecutive years we’ve been honored by our employees to be named among our region’s Top Workplaces by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Not coincidentally, we’ve enjoyed a similar run of success on the regional award circuit and are regularly recognized on some of the best international stages.

The secret really isn’t one: Happy people tend to be compelled to do great work.

But it’s not about the Ping-Pong table, the patio with the grill, or any health and welfare benefits.

It’s who we work for.

Of course, as a service business we are hired by client organizations.

We work for individuals. We work for their success. We work for their brands and their bottom lines. We create for their consumers.

Of course, we all have bosses. We are a business.

As part of a publicly held network of agencies, we have real accountabilities to our broader organization.

But really, we work for each other.

We work for the women and men to the left, right and across the table.

We come to work as this familial, up-for-whatever collection of crafters always stretching to find our new limit.

Because we want to continually best and amaze each other.

Because we find the joy in thinking, learning and creating and never want to let each other down.

Because we truly believe that together we are mightier than any collection of individuals.

And that by serving each other, we do, in fact, serve our work and our clients best.