Achieving balance – how to fit fitness into an already hectic schedule

Between work, family and life in general, it can be tough to find the seemingly unattainable perfect balance. Try to add on a fitness routine, and it can feel downright impossible. But it doesn’t have to.

Health, fitness and self-care are vital parts of life. But they take time, commitment and sometimes a little sacrifice. So how do you do it? We asked two RTers who prioritize fitness in their everyday lives to share their perspectives on how to get it done.

Carrie Muehlemann – VP/Director of Talent and Agency Relations

3 Ways to Fit Fitness into Your Schedule

1. Schedule time for your workouts.

For me, I find it easiest to work out before my schedule gets out of hand for the day. So, while I really don’t enjoy the very early alarm, I do enjoy my uninterrupted time to start my day before family and work are in full swing. If I can’t do it first thing, then I find it’s best to schedule a class or time on my calendar for later in the day so I don’t get too busy.

2. Know your goal so you stay committed to your fitness journey.

I run marathons and half-marathons. I find it easier to have a goal and then work backward to set up my weekly training schedule. When I have a goal race, then I know I have to work out so that I don’t get injured. Knowing I need to work out helps me stay committed to my fitness.

3. Invite family and friends to join.

Take one look at my Facebook page and you’ll see plenty of pictures with my crazy running group. Bright shirts, lots of talking through miles and others who help hold me accountable. For me, working out with friends is also my social time. I can hear the latest goings on with them and still get my workout in. It’s a double win.

Keely Duda – Account Supervisor

3 Things I Do When I Don’t Want to Work Out

Beginning — and importantly, maintaining — a consistent workout routine feels nearly impossible on some days, as I’m sure it does for most everybody balancing life and a career. After finishing work, running errands, cooking dinner, walking the dog and whittling down my Netflix backlog, squeezing in a gym trip is a form of torture on some days. But with my right brain constantly nagging me to prioritize my health and go, I’ll often employ a few mind-hacks to win over my left brain and make time for that workout.

1. Keep it short.

When I’m really dragging at 5 p.m., I set out to do something active for 15 or 20 minutes. That’s it. And then I can head home with no shame. I’ve found this strategy is key to tricking myself into actually doing the hard part — getting to the gym. Once there, I find that I typically end up staying longer than I originally planned to.

 2. Begin with the end in mind.

I think we can all agree the best part of any workout is the end. Walking in the front door, I’ll ask myself: (a) How do I want to feel when I’m walking out? and (b) How do I feel that way as fast as possible? If I want a good cardio burn, I like to find an 8-20 minute interval or HIIT workout to do on the treadmill. If I want to get stronger or tone muscle, circuit training or weightlifting usually gets the job done. I’m a big believer that there’s no need to drag out a mediocre workout — get in, get out and onto the next thing.

3. Make it social.

There are many benefits to group workouts. Whether it’s a walk in the park with your neighbor or an Orangetheory fitness class with your best friend, group exercise offers camaraderie and accountability. To help keep me on track, I schedule group fitness classes with friends weekly, usually Fridays after work. It gives me something to look forward to and helps to balance what is usually an indulgent weekend ahead.